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Drug-free treatments for pain and injury

Medical massage Seattle injury therapy, massage insurance

If you would like Green Lake Health Center to bill your insurance, we will need the following:

• Notification that you will be using your Medical Insurance when you make your appointment.

• A prescription from your primary care provider that proves medical necessity for treatment. A prescription needs a diagnosis, frequency, and duration.

• Payment of your co-pay and any co-insurance payments at the time of the appointment. Please call the telephone number on the back of your insurance card for questions on your individual policy.


Please keep in mind:

• Massage therapy sessions billed to insurance are an hour long and will involve a few minutes to assess the state of an injury or condition and discuss treatment and self-care.

• Clients arriving for their first visit should sign in at the front desk 15 minutes before the start of the appointment in order to fill out our health intake/insurance forms. You can also download our intake forms here.

Green Lake Health Center does not bill for 3rd-party PIP coverage.

Labor and Industry Claims?

If you are injured on the job, you are entitled to medical coverage from your employer. You need to first get a prescription from your primary care physician stating diagnosis and number of visits. You will fill out forms at your physician's office, get a claim number, and notify Washington State Department of Labor and Industry. They allow 6 massage sessions in a set of treatments.

Our therapists will write reports to keep your doctor informed of your progress. Labor and Industry will pay for 6 treatments at a time, after which they require a report from your massage therapist for further treatment, and a new  prescription from your physician.

Personal Injury Protection?


If you own a car and have car insurance, you have personal injury protection (PIP), unless you have personally signed away that provision on your policy. If you have an accident and you have PIP coverage, your insurance company will cover your medical needs. Your PIP will cover you either if the accident was your own fault or the fault of someone else. You will need a prescription from your doctor, a claim number and the name of your adjuster from your personal car insurance company. 

“Third party coverage”  is when a person who got into an accident does not have her or his own PIP coverage and wants to be treated by an at fault person's insurance. We do not bill for third-party coverage. However, please call your car insurance company and ask if they will cover your expenses and mediate with the other insurance company for you. In that case, we may bill your auto insurance for your visits. If they will not do this for you, you can pay at the time of treatment and seek reimbursement.





We are preferred providers for:

Regence Blue Shield


First Choice Health Network





Personal Injury Protection

Asuris Northwest


Kaiser Permanente


Workers Compensation Claims


Massage Therapy Referral Requirements:

  • Patient name

  • Patient date of birth

  • Prescription date

  • Prescribing physician name, signature and phone number 

  • Diagnosis code, frequency and duration or number of visits

If Green Lake Health Center is not considered a preferred provider for your insurance company, check if you can self-pay for treatment from an “out-of-network provider” and then submit your payment receipts to the insurance company for reimbursement afterward.

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