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Rayne Ferguson

Alexander DuBois

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RATES (As of Jan 2024)

Healthy Living Acupuncture


60 minute New Patient Special $79.95
60 Minute Session - $109.00 (with payment at the time of service discount)  


Series Pricing - Save 15% on Healthy Living Acupuncture

Five (5) 60 Minute sessions- $463.25


Senior Discount

Now offering a 15% senior discount on Healthy Living for those who are 65+ (excludes add-ons)

Acupuncture 60 Minute Session  -  $92.65

Massage 60 Minute Session  -  $83.30

Massage 90 Minute Session  -  $124.95

Massage120 Minute Session  - $166.50

Healthy Living Massage 

New Patient Special for 60 Minute Session -$74.95
60 Minute Session  -  $98.00

90 Minute Session  -  $147.00

120 Minute Session - $196.00

30 minute add on  -   $49.00

(Please call for 90 or120 min appointments)


Series Pricing - Save 15% on Healthy Living Massage
Five (5) 60 Minute Sessions -  $416.50

Five (5) 90 Minute Sessions -  $624.75

Five (5) 120 Minute Sessions - $833.00

Medical Massage and Acupuncture


Acupuncture billed to your insurance will be billed for 3 units at $61.00  per unit. Other rates may apply.


Massage billed to your insurance will be billed for 4 units of Manual Therapy at $42 per unit.  A one hour massage is equivalent to 4 units. 


Reimbursement from your Insurance Company may vary based on allowable rates.

Medicare / Medicaid will not cover Massage Therapy or Acupuncture





Cancellations require at least 24 hours advance notice or a Late Cancellation Fee of half the normal hourly rate will be assessed. A No Show is when no advance notice is given before the appointment, with no opportunity to re-book the appointment for our therapists

Cancellation Fees

Massage Late Cancel 60 minutes/No Show   -  $49.00

Massage Late Cancel 90 minutes/No Show   -  $73.50

Massage Late Cancel 120 minutes/No Show -  $98.00

Acupuncture Late Cancel 60 minutes/No Show -$54.50

We understand that occasional late cancellations are unavoidable, and thus we will give one free Late Cancel per calendar year as a courtesy to our clients.

We are unable to forgive No Shows, as our therapists are only paid their full session rate when they complete an appointment. Please remember that our therapist's livelihood depend on you showing up for your scheduled appointments.


We do provide some exceptions the Late Cancel/No Show policy:

1) Military service

2) Jury Duty

3) Admittance to Hospital

Give the gift of Wellness

Gift Card

Gift cards are available for massage and acupuncture sessions.

Give them for:
• birthdays

• anniversaries
• reward for finishing a marathon or other athletic event
• relief for a friend suffering from stress, headaches, or injury
• “just because” for a loved one
• an office raffle or community fund-raiser
• appre
ciation for helping on moving day
• a bonus to employees for meeting a challenging goal

*You will need to log into our scheduling system to purchase a gift card. If you do not have an account, please give us a call at:

206.527.9709 x0


We accept cash, checks, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. 

You may also be able to use your Health Insurance Benefit Card, but not all benefit cards are accepted.

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