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Privacy Policy



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What to expect on your first visit

If you have never experienced a healthful and relaxing massage with us before you may not know what it will be like. The following is a brief description of what you can expect on your first visit to Green Lake Health Center.

If you are a new patient click on Book Appointment, create a new account and follow the prompts, once you make your first appointment please fill out the Intake Form to complete a confidential health history form. This information is important because some past conditions may require additional care or attention from your therapist. In addition, this information will help your therapist develop a massage treatment that will best suit your needs. These extra few minutes will also help you begin to relax and put your everyday concerns aside.

After you have completed the health form and checked in for your appointment, you will be shown to a clean, quiet room. Your therapist will review your health form and respond to any additional questions, special concerns or requests you may have, and ask you clarifying questions about your health. The therapist will describe how the session will go, and then leave you in privacy while you disrobe, settle onto the massage table and cover yourself. Your therapist will knock before re-entering the room. 


Massage therapists are trained to drape carefully to ensure comfort and modesty. During your massage, you will be completely covered in a sheet and blanket, except for the area being treated. The removal of clothes allows for the use of lotion or oil, which is helpful, but not required. Massage can also be performed over clothing. Our therapists are flexible and will work with your needs. You may leave any clothing on, or undress completely, assured that you will be carefully draped, with "swimsuit areas" covered at all times. Some modalities, such as craniosacral, trager or jin shin jyutsu, are primarily performed with the client clothed.


Every massage session is unique, and the specific techniques applied will vary. However, you can expect that your massage therapist will work with sensitivity, respect, and skill. In general, massage begins with lighter, warm-up strokes, proceeds to deeper work, then eases out again with lighter work to enhance relaxation. Movement and stretching may be included. Your comfort is always tended to, and you will be asked to provide feedback about pressure, temperature of the room, and any other aspects of comfort.


At the conclusion of your massage, the therapist will leave the room to allow you to gently get up and get dressed. Once you are dressed you will open the door and your therapist will meet with you in the room to briefly discuss any observations or suggestions they may have or answer any questions regarding the session. 

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