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Greenlake Massage therapy, acupuncture, Seattle

Massage therapy can help create many beneficial changes in the body. 

Massage improves circulation with both the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems, helping to deliver nutrients and release toxins in the body with greater efficiency. The result? A stronger immune system and healthier tissue! 

Using a wide variety of massage modalities, our friendly, knowledgeable staff of licensed massage practitioners are as comfortable treating injuries as they are giving a relaxing massage. Together we will help determine what will best serve your needs.

• release chronic tension and pain in muscle tissues            • enhance immune system

• reduce physical fatigue and mental stress                       • promote relaxation and better sleep

• increase flexibility in the joints                                     • improve circulation and balance

What role do I play in my massage?

Your massage therapist is trained to treat your symptoms with the appropriate massage modalities. However, it is important that you keep in communication with your practitioner about the pressure and techniques used during the massage, as well as other comfort elements such as music and temperature of the room. We want your visit to be as enjoyable as possible and to meet all your treatment needs. 


Will my insurance cover my massage?

It may. Each insurance plan will differ, but many will cover treatment massage when prescribed or referred by a doctor. Visit our medical massage page and contact your human resources department or insurance company directly for more information.

What do I wear? Do I undress completely


Massage therapists are trained to drape carefully to ensure comfort and modesty. During your session, you will be completely covered with a sheet and blanket, except for the area being treated. The removal of clothes allows for the use of lotion or oil, which is helpful, but not required. Massage can be performed over clothing. Our therapists are flexible and will work with your needs. You may leave any clothing on, or undress completely assured that you will be carefully draped, with "swimsuit areas" covered at all times. Some modalities, such as CranioSacral, Trager or Jin Shin Jyutsu, are performed with the client clothed. 


How long is a massage?


The length of a typical massage is one hour long. We do longer session times, including 90 minutes and 2 hours. Please call to schedule a longer session. (Acupuncture sessions are typically one hour long.)


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