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Jenna Whittington



Jenna studied TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) at Middle Way Acupuncture Institute receiving her Masters in Acupuncture. She is licensed in the state of Washington and is certified nationally with the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. 


After a 10 year detour through arts education and social service jobs Jenna knew she wanted something more out of her career. Her own almost miraculous healing experience with acupuncture coupled with a search for a new career path led her to Chinese Medicine and she has studied it passionately ever since. Her love of TCM centers around its ability to help practitioner and patient untangle seemingly complicated health issues as a team and sometimes find relatively simple solutions and healing.


Jenna strives for a patient centered experience where patients feel heard and cared for. When she is not treating patients she is taking nature hikes with her family, petting cats, digging in the garden, and hunting for tasty or medicinal wild mushrooms.

Jenna Whittington
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