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Jackie Berg

Licensed Massage Therapist


Jackie is a curious and precise massage therapist who is excited to treat complex conditions while also encouraging overall relaxation and grounding. Jackie works to provide clients with a relaxing, safe, and supportive environment with a focus on consent, education, and advocacy.


Jackie was drawn to become a massage therapist through her personal struggles with specific repetitive movements as a dancer, musician, desk worker, and professional baker. Her intuitive anatomical knowledge is built on her lived experience working through postural pain, joint instability, and mental health manifesting as physical pain. She especially has an interest in helping improve the quality of life for people experiencing shoulder, neck, and jaw pain. She is inspired to help improve mobility and reduce pain for people struggling with the effects of pregnancy, with painful posture and held movement patterns, and with repetitive stress injuries.


Jackie aims to spend her life making meaningful, therapeutic connections and positive impacts on a personal level. She strives to help clients positively transform their physical, emotional, and mental wellness through the healing power of touch.

Jackie Berg
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