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Greg Lorenz

Licensed Massage Therapist


I came to massage as a musician, with a curiosity about the relationship between what we hear (or feel) and the message we internalize from that experience. And I love what I do.

I am skilled at helping you experience body based change that brings relief from stress and pain, and returns ease and improved function or performance into your daily life. And I am passionate about you knowing, from an internal sense, what that means so you can take it with you for your on-going care, awareness and wellbeing. 


My areas of treatment expertise for bodywork and massage include: Intra-oral, Oncology, Orthopedic, Sports massage and Ortho-Bionomy. During treatment you have the choice of whether to be fully clothed or disrobed and draped to your comfort level. 


My client demographics include retirees, patients recovering from an accident, surgery or body based trauma, medical professionals, students, military in-service personnel, desk jockeys, artists, gamers, musicians and athletes. 

Greg Lorenz
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