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Emilia Trentham

Licensed Massage Therapist


Emilia is a massage therapist whose journey into wellness was inspired by the vibrant landscape and positive culture of her home country, Costa Rica. Growing up surrounded by the pura vida lifestyle, she developed a deep appreciation for the connection between nature, well-being, and integrating the wellness principles she learned from the land into the art of healing touch.

Practicing since 2014, Emilia has cultivated expertise in relaxation, sports, pre and post-natal, medical, and Thai for table massage. She offers a versatile approach to every massage therapy session and aims to facilitate a journey towards physical well-being, long-term functional improvement, and restoring a sense of balance.

Beyond the massage table, Emilia extends her passion for holistic health as a Pilates Instructor. Pilates, with its emphasis on joint stability, core strength, flexibility, and mindful movement, complements the benefits of massage by supporting clients in achieving and maintaining balance, strength, and alignment.

Emilia Trentham
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