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Carl Wilson

Licensed Massage Therapist

MA 00005063

Many years ago, I was recovering from a sports injury and was undergoing physical therapy to resolve the issues. A friend gifted me massage therapy and I found it provided the same relief that I experienced with physical therapy. I was in the process of a career change into healthcare and decided on massage therapy because of the outcomes I experienced.

I have been in practice since 1991. My areas of focus are injuries and post-surgical procedures. I’m certified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) which allows me to work

with clients earlier in their recovery, often before they are ready or capable of receiving deeper touch or massage techniques.

MLD is a light touch technique on the lymphatic system just below the skin level. Its focus is the decrease of swelling and edema that accompanies injuries and surgery. It is designed to increase the movement of fluids associated with swelling and edema out of the area and aid in the healing process.

If you have experienced a recent sports injury, motor vehicle accident, slip or fall, a recent surgery, or other situation that has you experiencing swollen joints or tissue I would love to work with you.

Once you’re capable of receiving deeper massage techniques I incorporate trigger point, active isolated stretching, and traditional Swedish techniques to help with range of motion, stress and relaxation.

Carl Wilson
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